Sitting in the Middle Row

Indianapolis, Indiana, Theater Reviews


~Lisa Gauthier Mitchison~

anton-ego.-ratatouille-critics-quoteWhy the middle row?

When it comes to covering local theater, I try to find the happy medium between paying audience member and critic. These two perspectives are quite different. The audience members want to be entertained and get their money’s worth. This part is pretty easy. Did I like it? Did I laugh? Cry? Was it a good story? Did the people around me have good reactions?

The critic has to look more, well, critically, at what is happening on stage and also has to look past the plot of a play and into the play’s presentation (actors and directors should not be held responsible for a flawed script). What was the director’s vision? Was the lighting distracting? Are the costumes appropriate for the setting and period? Did the actors fully embody their characters? How was the blocking and/or choreography? If it’s a musical, how were the numbers? Does the ticket price accurately reflect what the audience can expect? (Yes, if a theater’s tickets are $50 as opposed to $15, I will have higher expectations of it, as well as if it’s an Equity house or not.) These are just some of the questions I ask myself when I write.

I have been reviewing local theater since 1998, at first for NUVO Newsweekly. I took a semi-hiatus in 2009 when I had my son, and during my time as a new mom, my theater coverage was limited — but I was still out there, covering shows for publication when time allowed. In 2015, I initiated independent show reviews on this website to help fill the gap of coverage where many publications work against space and budget constraints.

I try my best to walk the line between audience and performers, and I take it seriously. But I also have a lot of fun. I hope you do too!

~Lisa Gauthier Mitchison



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6 thoughts on “Sitting in the Middle Row

  1. Many years ago I would accompany Lisa to the theatres to watch plays that she was critiquing for a column she had at the time in NUVO. I was her “and guest” at many wonderful and less than wonderful plays (imagine a man dressed as a lobster playing his belly as a drum and you’ll understand the “less than wonderful” plays I endured with her).
    Lisa and I do not see eye to eye on politics, religion, or any other topic that one might construe as “important “. In fact I disagree with her on just about every subject. But no one has more respect of her opinions as a theatre critic than I do. This is a hat tip to you Lisa, and advice to anyone who doesn’t yet trust her opinion – Lisa is the very best at what she does and her opinion is a whole lot more thought out (informed and constructed) than yours. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to the theatre.
    Here’s to lobster boys banging on their bellys and champagne on opening night at IRT. Thank you so much for the wonderful plays Lisa! I hope you continue your critiques for a long time to come.


    1. I’m humbled that you have my back after all these years. And grateful that you remember the guy using his belly as a drum so that I have someone to share that pain with. Thank you for your words when I needed them the most.


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