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“Anything Goes” at Footlite Musicals (3 stars)

“Anything Goes” at Footlite Musicals

It’s not unusual for the storyline of a piece of musical theater or a musical film to be merely a slipshod vehicle for what the audience really wants: amazing tunes (most often accompanied by elaborate dance numbers). So it is with works such as Grease, Mamma Mia, Cats, Chess…and pretty much anything pre-1940. As much as I adore Cole Porter, the book of Anything Goes is ridiculous. But oh those songs! One right after another is a little piece of tap-the-foot heaven. “I Get a Kick Out of You.” “You’re the Top,” “It’s De-Lovely,” “Let’s Misbehave,” “Blow, Gabriel, Blow,” and of course the show’s namesake, “Anything Goes.”

Footlite Musicals pours energy to the 1962 version now on stage under the direction of Kathleen Clarke Horrigan, with vocal director John Phillips and choreographer Trish Roberds.

Despite sound system issues and an erratic spotlight, Saturday night’s performance was satisfying on many levels, even if it wasn’t “the top.” Susie Harloff as nightclub singer Reno takes top marks for her star-worthy performance both vocally and in character. Trenton Baker as the star-crossed beau Billy has a clear, lovely voice, but it lacks the power needed for a leading role. He and Emily Schaab, as Bonnie, could split her enthusiasm and projection and both actors would still have full tanks. Sydney Norwalk as Billy’s ladylove Hope accompanies him with her own sweet voice and a classical mixture of demur yet fun-loving demeanor.

Tom Bartley as Moonface Martin makes for a much more loveable buffoon than Ryan Straut as Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. There is no possible suspension of disbelief here because it’s clear Oakleigh is going to end up in Reno’s costume closet, not her pants.

A large chorus of singers and dancers fill in the stage, and the tap numbers are an amazing cardio workout. Gale Sturm’s three-tiered set design captures both the enormity of a ship and the intimacy of a deck in the moonlight. Curt Pickard’s costuming—especially for the ladies—is classy and stunning.

  • Anything Goes continues through March 19. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 7:30 p.m.; Sunday: 2:30 p.m.
  • Tickets are $23 (ages 17 and under $15)
  • Discount Days: All Thursday evening performances and opening weekend Sunday matinee are $10.


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