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Fat Turtle Theatre Company: “Letters Sent”

Becky Lee Meacham, Lexy Weixel, and Victoria Kortz in Fat Turtle Theatre Company’s “Letters Sent”

Letters Sent explores the aftermath of a suicide attempt and its effects on friends and family. Claire (Lexy Weixel), a young adult living on her own, sent out nine confessional letters before slashing open her arm. Somehow, her mother received her letter in the mail soon enough to find her daughter still alive and got her to the hospital in time to save her life. Now, Claire is living in her mother’s home while she recovers from the attempt and undergoes therapy, both talk and pharmaceutical.

Anyone who has dealt with major depressive disorder with suicidal tendencies, either in themselves or loved ones, will recognize Claire’s emotions (anger, frustration, failure, worthlessness, fatigue, isolation) and erratic behavior (lashing out, mood swings) as they are pretty textbook. As are her mother’s emotions (Kathryn Comer Paton): frustration, helplessness, overprotectiveness, anger, hurt, and betrayal.

With Becky Lee Meacham, Joe Barsanti, and Victoria Kortz as Claire’s friends; Wendy Brown as her therapist; and Doug Powers as her father, the show, directed by Brandi Underwood, doesn’t broach anything new or have any revelatory moments. It feels long and drawn out. The characters aren’t particularly interesting or individualistic so there’s little to invest in them.

This is the world premiere of Letters Sent by Janice Hibbard, and I feel it needs to be kicked back to workshopping for character development and story arc.


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