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LAFFShows: “Hold on to Your Butts”

Jim Banta and Pat Mullen in “Hold on to Your Butts”

Before I say anything else, you need to know that in order to get the most out of the show, you have to be a fan of Jurassic Park (the first one). If you aren’t, most of what’s happening onstage will leap right over your head. That being said, I am a dino-sized fan of all the films (and books), to the point that I can recite right along with the actors the chunks of dialogue lifted from the film for this show.

Jim Banta and Pat Mullen in “Hold on to Your Butts”

The parody takes Jurassic Park and condenses it into a one-hour marathon with two actors (Jim Banta and Pat Mullen) and a sound artist (foley Olivia Schaperjohn). Banta and Mullen take on all the characters, including the dinosaurs and even props, and you haven’t seen prehistoric comedy until you’ve seen a strap-on traffic cone used as a T. rex tail. The use of an umbrella to represent a Dilophosaurus is also brilliantly apropos. And the actors run (often literally) with it.

Over-the-top impressions, crazy props, and the frenetic pace make for a show as deadpan as a living dinosaur. Best of the best are impressions of the intense park keeper Muldoon and the skeevy Ian Malcolm, who sounds like a high Dory. (Why WAS Malcolm’s shirt undone like some ‘70s gigolo?) Banta and Mullen look like a couple of nutters up there, and it’s awesome.

butts4Using a foley artist was cool at first, but after a while, it gets grating, like those creaky doors opening and closing. Personally, I would cut back on that. Not that it subtracted from this fangirl’s fun. As Samuel Jackson says in the movie, “Hold on to your butts.” This is going to be an unpredictable ride.

This is the first troupe to perform the show since Recent Cutbacks premiered it. It’s also part of the LAFFShows series, which includes The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes and Fly You Fools, a Lord of the Rings parody.

Jim Banta and Pat Mullen in “Hold on to Your Butts”



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