Services available


Detail-oriented proofreading, copy editing, and line editing for any manuscript of any genre by an editor with over twenty years of experience.

Writer of entertainment news articles with a focus on local theater, as well as blogs and feature-interview articles for print and web media.

Proofreading/copy editing

When I perform a basic proofread or copy edit, I correct typos, spelling, punctuation,  grammar, and word usage, and, if necessary, make the text comply to a specific style guideline, such as The Chicago Manual of Style.

Line editing

When line editing, I do all of the above plus I correct sentence construction, plot line flow, consistency, and story logic, and I fact check if necessary.


What I will edit

I will edit both fiction and nonfiction books of any genre, articles for print publication or websites, marketing materials, and college-level writing assignments/thesis.


How much?

Proofread: $0.3 per word

Line edit: $0.6 per word

Writing: Please e-mail me for a quote.


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