Who am I?

Lisa Gauthier Mitchison

I have been reviewing local theater since 1998 (mostly for NUVO Newsweekly) with a semi-hiatus from 2009 to 2015 after I had my son. I did write a few features, etc. for NUVO during that time. Some of my reviews/feature stories can be found there. I never completely left the theater scene, though as a new mom, my coverage was limited.

I initiated independent show reviews on my website in 2015 to help fill the gap of coverage where many publications work against space and budget constraints. Now, I keep this site as full of Indianapolis theater info as I can to help spread the word about the great talent on stages around Indy. It may not be comprehensive, but you can find me out seeing shows almost every weekend. 


I you are so compelled, download my resume here.

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Thank you for reviewing Bridges of Madison County. Thank you for any reviews you do. It’s time for local theater to be noticed. Indianapolis is currently representing themselves as a city full of sports and the arts. Sports..sure. The Arts not so much.
    Good or bad. Please keep seeing theater locally and get the word out.I will buy or subscribe to any paper that looks at local stufg. We love doing it and you are always welcome. Anonymously or not. Thank you.

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